How it Works:


Using trace elements we embed a unique authentication foot print into a wide range of products and raw materials. Using or hand held proprietary scanning and cloud technology clients can scan at any location and review aggregated data on any device to detect and respond to counterfeit in their business.

Digital Assurance

Consumers can immediately verify the authenticity of your product by scanning a QR code generated by our authentication software. Consumer assurance delivers brands increased consumer trust, and enable continued engagement with consumers and insights into consumer behaviour.

Smart Labels

A SecureID label provides consumers with a physical symbol of assurance. Our technology embeds tamper evident features into labelling and combined with DataTrace and a QR code enables all the benefits of Digital Assurance.

Who it works for:

Our solutions and services are relevant to all brands. However, industries where consumer Trust is paramount are our focus.  These include:

  • Nutraceutical and wellness (e.g. pregnancy supplements and vitamins)
  • Pharmaceutical (e.g. prescription medicines)
  • Food and beverages (e.g. wine and packaged foods)
  • Precision parts and equipment (e.g. auto parts and medical equipment)
  • Industrial materials (e.g. rubber, paint and adhesives)

Benefits of authentication working:

We aim to deliver the following benefits to our customers:

  • Higher relative consumer trust than your competitors leading to increased loyalty, brand equity and sales
  • A supply chain free from counterfeit; with early warning mechanisms in place to help you identify weak points and respond
  • Robust financial success criteria and returns

Your Complimentary Counterfeit Threats and Authentication Opportunities Assessment and Report:

Counterfeit and other authentication issues can be a major threat to your business, often resulting in lost revenue, false warranty claims, and significant brand damage due to a loss of trust.

Conversely by using digital technologies and advanced labels, smart packaging can actually increase trust in a brand through signalling product authenticity, leading to an increase in sales and brand equity. For an assessment of both counterfeit threats and authentication opportunities in your business please contact us.

We will send you a short questionnaire, conduct a brief online interview and then prepare and send you our report covering:

  • the Trust & Assurance issues facing your brand
  • relative information about how the issues compare to others
  • the Impacts these issues may have on your brand
  • how these issues are likely to evolve in the future
  • the Opportunities for you to respond
  • recommended next steps if you wish to do more, and
  • illustrative solutions and outcomes

Tracr – putting the power of authentication in your hands:

Tracr is the latest development of the patented DataTrace authentication system. Using a smartphone app and cloud based data aggregation service this system enables brand owners to connect scanning directly to our iOS App, and view aggregated authentication results across the globe on any web browser.

This information can be used to:

  • monitor and report on infield buying programs to detect counterfeit
  • identify geographic or supply chain hot spots for counterfeit,
  • benchmark counterfeit rates on an on-going basis, and
  • provide the foundation for any program to eliminate counterfeit from you supply chain and identify grey market activity