China Sample Buying Service

We offer companies like yours a service at a fixed price that enables you to gauge (at an initial level) the state of authenticity or counterfeit of your products in China. We go into the retail market and purchase your products from different sources.

At the conclusion of the activity, you will receive a report documenting the products we purchased (about 50) for you and their authenticity. We will review the products looking for the following scenarios:

1 – authentic and in the right region
2 – authentic but in the wrong region
3 – obvious poor quality counterfeit unlikely to deceive consumers
4 – higher quality counterfeit could deceive consumers

Companies like yours are part of a global market under constant threat from criminals and counterfeiters.

Would you know if you were under attack?

Do you have the data you need to make the right decisions to protect your:
• revenue
• brand value, and
• customers’ welfare?

70% of all wine sold in China is estimated to be counterfeit

(World Trademark Review)

China is home to a $285 billion counterfeiting industry, representing 12.5% of the country’s total exports


Nearly 50% of everything sold on the Taobao/Tmall sites is fake!



The service is very cost effective and can potentially save significant amounts of money (normally A$5,000 plus the purchase prices).


We can perform the service for companies around the world with a commercial presence in China.


We take the hard work and effort away from you and your company and provide a discrete service with usable outcomes.


Global FMCG Company


  • Company suspected product counterfeiting and market diversion in Asia
  • DataDot was engaged to investigate to confirm and determine the extent of the problem


  • The company was experiencing declines in product sales and margin
  • Furthermore, the company was exposed to: significant brand damage, consumer health risk and loss of trust, breach of distribution license agreements and; production overruns


  • A covert DataTrace code marking of product packaging was implemented
  • In-field testing was conducted to determine the extent of the problem and to create a counterfeit bench-marking and reporting program


  • Data collected from the counterfeit reporting program was used to identify counterfeit and diversion breaches leading to the shutdown of counterfeit retailers online
  • Insights and learnings from the counterfeit reporting program were used to formulate a preventative strategy to combat counterfeiting and diversion

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