Monitor your supply chain and respond to counterfeit in real time using DataTraceID and TRACR

Most brands don’t understand their counterfeit problems or when, where and how to act.

Our DataTraceID and TRACR authentication solution enables brands to protect product from counterfeit by aggregating authentication data in real time.

Covert Marking

Embed a unique DataTraceID code into your product or packaging.


P1 Reader will confirm the presence of the DataTraceID code and, therefore, that the product is authentic.


Pair the P1 Reader with an iOS device and aggregate authenticity data using our TRACR app and web-based software. The system is very easy to implement, with no integration required.


Conclusively prove authenticity or counterfeit in-the-field in seconds. Receive actionable intelligence about counterfeit in real-time.


Monitor your supply chain and counterfeit breaches from anywhere in the world.

Industry Applications

DataTraceID currently provides authenticity solutions for pharmaceuticals, gaming, governments, food and other FMCG products.

TRACR puts the power of authentication in your
hands, and powerful analytics on your desktop

Case Study

Global Pharmaceutical Company


  • Supply chain compromised in South America with medicinal products counterfeited containing no active ingredients.


  • Counterfeit products contained no active ingredients which posed a significant health risk to consumers as the medication was ineffective
  • Company concerned about the impact on consumer wellbeing, brand reputation damage, product liability and recall costs as well as lost sales and margin


  • Pharmaceutical company incorporated a DataTrace authentication marking of product containers to enable scanning and verification throughout the supply chain
  • The DataTrace code contained multiple formulations, one for each product package variation
  • DataTrace readers were deployed to authorized inspection personnel to conduct authentication testing of products at specified control points in the supply chain to ensure no compromises


  • The authentication solution was successfully implemented and no incidents of counterfeit have been detected in the last 5 years

DataTraceDNA code provides a covert layer of product authentication that can be applied to a product in many ways. It uses a forensic level of technology to confirm authenticity.

Company inspector logs onto DataTrace app and scans product to test whether the product is authentic or fake.

The DataTrace app can record other information in addition to the authentication scan result including photos and notes by the in-field inspector.

Authentication data is aggregated to provide real-time reporting (data includes product, location and photos or notes of offending product). This data can be combined with other data sources.

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