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Whilst sitting on the beach in some sunny clime you have probably witnessed the annoying presence of the “knock off” watch, phone charger or handbag salespeople. While they may be irritating, we probably give little thought to the impact that these individuals are having on the original brands. You might even make a purchase, accepting the fact that the product may not last long or operate correctly.

However, when back at the day job, it’s worth thinking what the impact would be if you were passively complicit in allowing non-compliant and counterfeit medical technology devices into the medical arena with the potential for death or injury caused by the failure of such devices.

It goes without saying that in the healthcare sector it is imperative that we keep fraudulent counterfeits out of our market. It is equally vital that all medical technology devices comply with the relevant standards and regulations. Non-compliant devices and spare parts can also be dangerous and result in misdiagnosis or adversely affect the patient care pathway if they do not meet the specification of the original equipment manufacturers specification, including the requirements of the appropriate standards and regulations, which include the medical device regulations.

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