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DataTraceID is surveying industry opinion for the annual 2018 Counterfeit Counsel Report.

According to some estimates, over $1.5 trillion of counterfeit goods were traded in 2017.1 There are some outstanding figures around global counterfeiting, to name but a few:

  • There has been a nine-fold increase in counterfeit medicines globally in the last four years.2
  • There are more than 340 million fake online pharmacy web addresses touting for consumer business.3
  • INTERPOL’s latest Opsen V global operation across 57 countries reported the seizure of 11,131.18 tonnes, 1,449,056.40 litres and 5,549,328 units of either counterfeit or substandard food and beverages.4
  • Counterfeit car parts cost the global automotive industry around $45 billion each year.5
  • China is home to a $285 billion counterfeiting industry, representing 12.5% of the country’s total exports.6

Do these figures ring true for your own experience?
Have your say in the annual Counterfeit Counsel Report, and receive your complimentary copy.


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